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White 2835 SMD LED Chip Reel Packing High Lumens



Brightness: 23-25LM

Power: 0.2W

Voltage: 3.0-3.2V

Current: 60ma

CRI: ≥70RA

Other color :Red,yellow, white. RGB, orange and so on Customized

ColorDominant Wavelength(nm)/(k)LuminousIntensity(mcd)50%Power Angle(Deg)Reverse Current(uA)VR=5VForward Voltage(V)Recommend Forward Current(Ma)POWERpacking


1:Taiwanese automatic die-bonding machine and wire bonding machine to ensure the consistency of the product. The product uses Taiwanese chips, temperature-resistant epoxy resin glue, and pure gold wire production to ensure the stability of the product;

2 Low light attenuation, <2% every 3000 hours, prolonging the service life;

3 Ultra-low heat, high brightness;

4 Ultra-long service life, under normal circumstances, the applicable service life can be as long as 50,000 hours, which is 5-10 times that of ordinary energy-saving lamps;

5 Light up quickly, the time is less than 100 nanoseconds (NS);

6 Electrostatic protection, safe


【Notes for 2835 White Light】Remark:


1. In order to prevent excessive current, resistance protection must be used, otherwise a slight voltage transfer will cause the current to break down the chip and burn it.

2. Storage

a. Before using the product, do not open the product moisture-proof bag or place it in a humid environment.

b. Before unopened, it should be stored below 30°C and humidity below 60%. The maximum storage period is 1 year.

c. After opening the packaging bag, the LED must be stored under 30℃/40% humidity and must be used up within 7 days.

d. The storage time of the light-emitting diode is too long or it is humid, and it should be dried at a temperature of 70±5℃ for 12 hours.


【2835 white lamp welding conditions】


1. Reflow soldering should not exceed twice.

2. Please don't press or hit the LED light when soldering.

3. Do not twist or drop the circuit board when the temperature does not return to normal temperature after soldering.

4. During manual soldering, the temperature of the soldering iron should not be higher than 350℃, and the soldering time for each foot should not exceed 3 seconds


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