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Green 0603 SMD LED Chip

  • Tuozhan

  • 1.6*0.8*0.4mm



Wavelength: 520-530nm

Brightness: 400-500MCD

Welding temperature: 260-280 degrees

Welding time: 3-5 seconds

ColorDominant Wavelength(nm)/(k)LuminousIntensity(mcd)50%Power Angle(Deg)Reverse Current(uA)VR=5VForward Voltage(V)Recommend Forward Current(Ma)POWERpacking

   SMD LED light emitting diode: 0603 front side red, blue, emerald green, yellow, yellow-green (general green), orange, purple, pink, white, warm white, red and green, green and red, red and green ,,Red and yellow double color, red and blue double color, blue orange double color, colorful (full color, three-color light), etc.


1. Clean

Do not use unknown chemical liquids to clean SMD LEDs: Unknown chemical liquids may damage SMD LEDs. When cleaning is necessary, immerse the SMD LEDs in alcohol for less than 1 minute at normal room temperature and dry naturally for 15 minutes before starting use.

2. Moisture-proof packaging

In order to prevent the product from absorbing moisture during transportation and storage, the packaging of SMD LED is packaged in a moisture-proof aluminum packaging bag, and the packaging bag contains a desiccant (some stores will also put a humidity card), and the desiccant is mainly used to control the packaging bag The humidity (the humidity card is mainly used to monitor the humidity in the packaging bag).

3. Storage

a. After the packaging bag is sealed, it is stored under the conditions of temperature<40℃, humidity<90%RH, and the shelf life is 12 months. When the shelf life is exceeded, it needs to be baked again.

b. Before unpacking, please check the packaging bag for air leakage. If there is air leakage, please re-bake it before using it.

c. After opening, please use it under the following conditions: temperature<30℃, humidity<60%RH, below; if the use time exceeds 24 hours, the following baking treatment must be done before use.

d. Baking conditions: The product is placed in an oven at a temperature of 70°C ± 5°C; relative humidity ≤ 10% RH, time: 24 hours.

e. Take out the product from the packaging bag and bake. Do not open the oven door during the baking process.

4. Welding

A: Manual welding

a. The soldering iron used must be less than 25W, the temperature of the soldering iron must be kept below 315°C, and the soldering time cannot exceed 2 seconds.

b. The soldering iron cannot touch the epoxy part.

c. After the soldering is complete, let it cool down to a temperature below 40°C before packaging.

B: Reflow soldering operation

Please refer to the following for the temperature curve of the M8 series after reflow soldering:

Solder: Lead-tin Solder: Lead-free tin

Temperature rising slope=4℃/s maximum Temperature rising slope=4℃/s maximum

Preheating temperature = 100℃ ~150℃ Preheating temperature = 150℃ ~200℃

Warm-up time = 100s maximum Warm-up time = 100s maximum

The temperature decrease slope is 6℃/s maximum The temperature decrease slope is 6℃/s maximum

Peak temperature = 230°C maximum Peak temperature = 250°C maximum

The time at the peak temperature ±5°C cannot exceed 10s The time at the peak temperature ±5°C cannot exceed 10s

The time exceeding the temperature of 183℃ cannot exceed 80s. The time exceeding the temperature of 217℃ cannot exceed 60s


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 Office Adress: No.369,Baotian 1st Road, Tiegang, Xixiang, Bao'an, Shenzhen, China.

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 Email: info@tzuvcled.com

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