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Double UVC UVA Chips | 5-8V 275nm 280nm | High-Quality LED for Disinfection Equipment

Item Symbol Unit Tyoical
Led dimension Size mm 3.6
Peak Wavelength λp nm UVC: 270~285
UVA: 310
Radiant Flux P0 mW 6.0~10.0
Full Width at Half Maximum Δλ nm 12
Forward Current If mA UVC:60
UVA: 20
Forward Voltage Vf V UVC:5.0~8.0
Viewing Half Angle 2θ1/2 deg. 120
Max Forward Current Ifamx mA 100

Specifications: Size: Luminous Intensity: 20-40mW Dominant Wavelength: 365nm Forward Voltage: 3.0-3.6v Operating Temperature/ Storage Temperature: -40-100℃ Package quantity: 5000PCS/Reel

Caution: UV LED chip is a current-operated device. The slight shift of voltage will cause a big change of current, which will damage the LED. It is recommended to use resistors in series for over-current protection.

To ensure consistent light output on multiple UV LED chips connected in parallel, it is suggested to use individual resistors for each chip separately, as shown in Circuit A. If the light output of each LED chip shown as Circuit B might differ due to the different I-V characteristics of each chip.

UV LED chip performance can be affected by high ambient temperatures. It is important to keep the chip away from heat to maintain optimal performance.

Storage: The recommended storage before unpacking: Temperature: 5℃30℃; Humidity: below 60% RH. Dehumidification should be done before use if stored for more than 2 months, with conditions of 60℃/12 hours. After opening the package, the suggested storage requirement is a temperature in the range of 530°C, humidity below 30%.

UV LED chip is a component that is sensitive to humidity, so it should be stored in a sealed container with desiccant or nitrogen moisture-proof cabinet to avoid moisture absorption after unpacking. The moisture-proof level of the UV LED chip is MSL3. The component should be used within 168 hours (7 days) after unpacking and should be

Electrostatic Protection: UV LED chips are highly sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD), which can cause damage to their structure and result in abnormal performance such as excessive leakage current, low VF, or inability to illuminate. To prevent ESD damage, it is recommended to wear an anti-static wristband or anti-static gloves when handling UV LED chips. Grounding protection should be done for all machinery and equipment tools, work tables, material racks, etc. (within 10Ω of grounding impedance). Anti-static bags, anti-static boxes, and anti-static turnover boxes should be used for storage or transportation of UV LED chips. Never use plastic packaging. It is recommended to use an ion fan to suppress electrostatic generation during operation. The voltage of the static field should be less than 100V in a 1-foot radius from the UV LED chip.

Clean: It is recommended to clean UV LED chips using isopropyl alcohol or other alcohol-based solvents rather than corrosive solutions. Avoid using abrasive materials or solvents that can damage the surface of the chip. Use a soft brush or lint-free cloth to remove any dust or debris from the chip.

In summary, UV LED chips are sensitive electronic components that require careful handling, storage, and cleaning to ensure optimal performance. By following the recommended precautions, users can protect these components from damage and ensure their longevity.


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