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Deep UVC UVB Strip Light Bar | 265-275nm | 60X20mm @40mW UVC LED Light Source for Sterilization

"Deep UVC UVB Strip Light Bar": This includes the product name and the key feature of emitting deep UVC and UVB light, which can help match the search terms used by potential customers looking for similar products.


Size: 3535 (3.5mm x 3.5mm) Luminous Intensity: N/A Dominant Wavelength: 275nm Forward Voltage: 6.0-7.0V Operating Temperature/ Storage Temperature: -40-125℃ Package quantity: 500PCS/Roll.


UVC LED chip is a current-operated device. The slight shift of voltage will cause big change of current, which will damage the LED. Therefore, customers should use resistors in series for the Over-Current-Proof.

To ensure consistent light-color on multiple UVC LED chips connected in parallel, individual resistor separately is suggested, as Circuit A shown below. If the light-color of each UVC LED chip shown as Circuit B might be difference due to the different I-V characteristics of each LED.

The UVC LED chip emits ultraviolet light that is harmful to human eyes and skin. Never look directly at the light without proper eye protection. In addition, the UVC LED chip generates ozone gas during operation, which can cause respiratory problems. Proper ventilation is required when using the UVC LED chip.

The operating temperature of the UVC LED chip should be within the specified range. Too high or too low temperature will affect the performance and reliability of the LED. It is recommended to use a heat sink or a thermal pad to dissipate heat.


The recommended storage before unpacking: Temperature :5℃30℃; Humidity :below 60% RH. Dehumidification should be done before use when it stored for more than 2 months. Conditions 60℃/12 hours. The suggested storage requirement should be temperature in 530°C, humidity below 30% after opening the package.

The UVC LED chip is sensitive to humidity and moisture, which can affect its performance and reliability. Therefore, it should be stored in a sealed container with desiccant or nitrogen moisture-proof cabinet to avoid moisture absorption after unpacking. The moisture-proof level of the UVC LED chip is MSL3.

The UVC LED chip should be used within 168hrs(7 days) after unpacking and be welded as soon as possible. The component should be dehumidified when it is exposed to the air for more than 168hrs(7 days) or the desiccant has expired.

Electrostatic Protection:

Due to the sensitivity of the UVC LED chip to electrostatic discharge (ESD), precautions should be taken to avoid damage to the LED. Anti-static wristbands or gloves should be worn to touch the LED. Grounding protection should be done for all machinery and equipment tools, work tables, material racks, etc. (within 10Ω of grounding impedance). Anti-static bags, boxes, and turnover boxes should be used for storage or transportation. It is recommended to use ion fans to suppress electrostatic generation during operation. The voltage of the static field should be less than 100V in a 1-foot radius from the UVC LED chip.


To maintain the performance of the UVC LED chip, it is recommended to clean it periodically. Alcohol solvents such as isopropyl alcohol should be used to clean the LED. Avoid using corrosive solutions as they can damage the LED.


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 Office Adress: No.369,Baotian 1st Road, Tiegang, Xixiang, Bao'an, Shenzhen, China.

 Mobile: +86-18598102007

 Email: info@tzuvcled.com

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