High-Quality SMD Resistor Products: TUOZHAN Optoelectronics Leading the Way in Surface Mount Resistors (SMD) with Diverse Models, Specifications, and Customization Options

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Introduction: Surface Mount Resistors (SMD) are essential components in modern electronic circuits. TUOZHAN Optoelectronics, a leading manufacturer in the field, offers a wide range of high-quality SMD resistors to meet various industry requirements. In this article, we will explore the different specifications, common models, and advantages of TUOZHAN Optoelectronics' SMD resistors.

Table: Commonly Used SMD Resistor Models and Specifications

Model Size Power Resistance Range Tolerance
1206 SMD Resistor 1206 High Power 0Ω - 10MΩ ±1%, ±5%
0805 SMD Resistor 0805 Medium Power 0Ω - 10MΩ ±1%, ±5%
0603 SMD Resistor 0603 Low Power 0Ω - 10MΩ ±1%, ±5%
01005 SMD Resistor 01005 Ultra Low Power 0Ω - 1MΩ ±1%, ±5%
22R0 SMD Resistor Various Various Power 22Ω ±1%, ±5%
1001 SMD Resistor Various Various Power 1kΩ ±1%, ±5%
47kΩ SMD Resistor Various Various Power 47kΩ ±1%, ±5%
680Ω SMD Resistor Various Various Power 680Ω ±1%, ±5%
310Ω SMD Resistor Various Various Power 310Ω ±1%, ±5%
330mΩ 3W Resistor SMD Various 3W Power 330mΩ ±1%, ±5%
LED Strip SMD 151 Resistor Various Various Power Customizable ±1%, ±5%

Article: TUOZHAN Optoelectronics, a leading manufacturer of electronic components, offers a comprehensive range of Surface Mount Resistors (SMD). These high-quality resistors are widely used in various industries due to their excellent performance and reliability.

Among the commonly used SMD resistor models, the 1206, 0805, 0603, and 01005 stand out. The 1206 SMD resistor is known for its high power handling capacity, making it suitable for applications requiring robust performance. The 0805 SMD resistor, with its medium power rating, strikes a balance between power and size. The 0603 SMD resistor, on the other hand, is ideal for low-power applications where space is a constraint. The ultra-compact 01005 SMD resistor offers ultra-low power handling capabilities, making it perfect for miniaturized electronic devices.

TUOZHAN Optoelectronics also provides a variety of specialized resistors to meet specific requirements. The 22R0, 1001, 47kΩ, and 680Ω SMD resistors cater to different resistance values, offering precise and reliable performance

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