Precautions for using LED silver conductive adhesive
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Precautions for using LED silver conductive adhesive

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Precautions for using LED silver conductive adhesive

Storage conditions: LED silver conductive adhesive should be stored in a cool, dry, and light-protected environment to prevent exposure to sunlight or high temperatures, as they can affect its performance.

   Temperature limitations: When using LED silver conductive adhesive, be mindful of the temperature limitations. Operating outside the specified temperature range may result in decreased adhesive performance or failure. It is recommended to refer to the product manual to understand the temperature restrictions before usage.

   Surface cleaning: Before applying LED silver conductive adhesive, ensure that the bonding surface is clean, free from grease, dust, or other impurities. You can use an appropriate cleaner or non-woven cloth to gently wipe the surface, ensuring optimal adhesion.

   Moderate application: When applying LED silver conductive adhesive, use an appropriate amount. Excessive adhesive may overflow, leading to material waste and potentially interfering with the circuit's proper functioning.

   Even application: Strive for uniform coating when applying LED silver conductive adhesive to ensure complete coverage of the contact area, resulting in improved conductivity.

   Curing time: Pay attention to the recommended curing time for the specific type of LED silver conductive adhesive according to the manufacturer's guidelines. After application, provide sufficient time for the adhesive to cure fully and achieve optimal performance.

   Safety precautions: Take necessary safety precautions when working with LED silver conductive adhesive. Avoid direct contact with eyes, skin, or mouth. In case of accidental contact, rinse immediately with water and seek medical attention.

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